MAY Exclusive

MAY Collection’ s first product line is MAY Exclusive. These unique, select products have been very popular for 10 years, thanks to their subtle scents, powdery tints and detailed packaging. Stylish, discreet, classy and elegant are all terms that could be used to describe this classic. The scent and texture of our skincare products and the scent of our room sprays and scented stones belong by the woman who consciously takes time for herself. Taking a moment to daydream, to withdraw and let go of everyday affairs. With MAY Exclusive you can find complete peace, even at the busiest time of the year.


BY MAY is the ‘tough’ sister of MAY Exclusive. This new line is more powerful in scent and colour, fitting the woman who knows what she wants. And on days when you feel slightly less sure of yourself, BY MAY gives you that extra something to emphasise your ‘tough and strong me’. Life really can be that simple. Isn’t that great! The BY MAY collection currently comprises guest towels, towels, hand & body butter, hand & body wash and body & linen mist. The collection will shortly be further extended. BY MAY and MAY Exclusive can be used alongside each other and make a really good combination. Just like a silk blouse goes well with torn jeans, pearl earrings with cowboy boots; that is how we see the combination of MAY Exclusive and BY MAY. Just try it, stylish combined with tough, success is guaranteed!

MAY Collection’s story

“Customers do not just buy a product, but also a feeling.”

MAY Collection stands for luxury and quality, but also for affordability and everyday use. As far as we are concerned these can go together perfectly well. During the development of our products we find inspiration in the most diverse scents, colours and materials. Sometimes we have to go out and look for it, other times it comes looking for us. Like the scent of an orange tree in a village square in southern Italy, which is captured in a body & linen mist and a body & hand butter. The powdery colours and designs of a dinner set at a French flea market, which are reflected in our packaging. And of course the subtle scent of clean sheets in your own linen closet, which we use for a scent pouch and room spray.

Stefanie Lamers started MAY Collection in 2005. Ever since she was young, she has always been interested in scents and colours, and in experiencing these. Above all this last aspect was the decisive factor when, after studying design at the Art Academy, and after a career in fashion and interior design, she set out on her own in 2005. With MAY Collection.

Over the years MAY Collection has grown to be a flourishing business with approximately 140 sales points throughout the Netherlands and 130 sales points in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy. The MAY Collection team is responsible for the design and development of all the products within the collection. In addition to the sales outlets referred to above, you may also find MAY Collection in a wellness centre or a bed & breakfast. Perfumeries are increasingly included amongst the sales outlets.

The MAY Collection products are composed with great care. Producers and employees who worked to create our product lines receive a fair reward. We seek to ensure that our products are as harmless as possible for the environment. None of our products are tested on animals, and the materials that we use are mostly FSC certified.

MAY Collection at fairs

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